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I wrote the album Isolazen with my collaborator Ryan Black during a state of forced catharsis while we were both dealing with illness. The album intertwines the quotidian aspects of sickness with the constructs of the anxious mind, sonifying the imagined and surreal realities of the hypochondriac. Isolazen explores human relationships to sound, memory, meditation, and music, as a path towards agency. 

My work involves the NÆ persona. She embraces mass media and pop culture consumerism while satirizing aspirational lifestyle culture. With Isolazen, NÆ searches for refuge and freedom – for both the body and the mind.

Isolazen is set for release in late Spring, 2023. The accompanying performance series will take place at 150 Media Stream in Chicago.

Below are photo documentation, video stills from the music video for “Walk Between”, and documentation from the recent exhibition, Naturally, at the Carlson Tower Gallery at North Park University.

Installation at the Carlson Tower Gallery at North Park University, 2023