geräuschen und gebäuden [noises and buildings]

Performance: Thursday, July 21st, 2011 @ 8PM
Co-Lab Project Space, Austin, Texas
The performance lasts 45 minutes.

The performance explores relationships between sounds and images that have been manipulated, deconstructed and reassembled. The visual component displays light-projected building facades captured by Google Maps satellites, cut into pieces, and re-rectified into a temporal landscape on multiple transparencies. As the images and sound converge, multiple landscapes are layered, erased, and reconstructed on the wall. The sound will include a constant ambient pre-recorded track layering a collage of classical works (by composers such as Schoenberg and Mahler) and the live noise will progressively distort it. After the first fifteen minutes, viewers may participate by projecting and erasing their own images drawn on distributed transparencies.

The images respond to the sound, the sound to the images, leading to an interchange of both audio-visual conversation and parallel abstraction.